Leviticus Cardio’s wireless power transfer technology, Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET), combined with an existing Ventricular Assist system, provides a new, robust, comprehensive hybrid solution for CHF patients. Leviticus FiVAD™ is wirelessly charged using an external belt along with an internal battery that lasts 6-8 hours. Patients may expect an improved Quality of Life with Leviticus FiVAD™ because they are free from external equipment for many hours per day.


Our solution uses a proprietary technology named Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET) and it works with all commercially available VADs.

This innovative CET Leviticus FiVAD™ system:
  • Is robust, with a low disposition to device misplacement and movement within the body
  • Up to 8 hours of freedom from external gear*
  • Supports high efficiency power transfer levels of up to 30 Watts
  • Has a low sensitivity to metallic environments in its close proximity
  • Does not rely on the awareness of ‘patient alarms’
  • Uses inductive electro-magnetic energy transfer
  • A fully implantable VAD system


*Investigational device only. Not for sale. Only for use in a clinical trial setting.

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